Can a Yucca’s Roots Damage Pipes

Although yucca plants are slow growers, they can eventually reach 6 to 20 feet tall. Their root systems can become massive and spread 3 to 5 feet wide. Planting them near sewer lines or water pipes can often lead to multiple problems.

Yucca’s roots can damage pipes. Because some yuccas grow tall and their roots are invasive, their enormous root systems can also dislodge foundations, walkways, swimming pools, and retaining walls.

Yucca plants are also used extensively for landscaping near homes, but because of their root systems, you must ensure you’re not planting a yucca plant too close to your house or fence line. Read ahead to discover how Yucca plants can damage pipes and other structures with their root systems.

Do Yuccas Have a Big Root System?

Yucca plants have root systems with the potential to damage your driveway, sidewalks, and foundation walls because of their vast root systems. For example, suppose you keep them near your driveways or parking areas. In that case, the roots could eventually damage the pavement significantly enough that it will need a full replacement instead of a simple repair.

Yucca plants have an extensive root system that can extend up to 30 feet and will continue to grow long after the plant has been removed. Once a yucca plant has established itself, its roots will start to spread out beneath the surface.

The best way to avoid problems with your yucca plant’s root system from damaging structures is by keeping all yucca plants away from any structure.

The roots grow just underneath the surface and do not show above ground very often. When the roots are growing in an unfavorable spot, they will expand their search for water outward and can cause damage to sidewalks, patios, streets, and plants.

Yucca plants are native to the hot, arid climates of the southwest United States. Yuccas have a large, extensive root system capable of expanding two to 30 feet throughout your yard or garden. These dense roots can be factors that will lead to damage to various structures around the plant.

Are Yuccas Invasive?

Yuccas are hardy desert plants that are native to North America and Central America. they are predominantly found in the U.S. southwest.

Yucca roots are invasive because they grow aggressively underground until they find moisture, and then they stop growing outward, spreading laterally indefinitely. Yucca roots can damage pipes, sidewalks, and the foundation of your home.

As a homeowner, you must be vigilant when planting yucca plants near your house. Yuccas are commonly used as front yard landscaping because of their distinctive look, but it’s important not to plant them too close to your foundation or fence line.

Likewise, if you have an automatic sprinkler system installed in your lawn, it may be wise to move the sprinklers away from where you’ve planted your yucca plant so that the roots don’t extend toward and damage the sprinkler system.

Can Yucca’s Roots Damage a Foundation?

The foundation of your home is one of the most vulnerable places. A foundation supports a heavy load which is why it’s essential to have a sturdy, level base with solid support beams and cement.

If you’re planting a yucca plant near your foundation, its roots can eventually extend toward and damage your foundation walls. This damages any structural integrity that may lead to additional problems such as cracks in exterior walls or interior walls.

Foundation damage caused by Yucca roots can lead to catastrophic damage to the overall structural integrity of your home. If they are not removed or re-routed, this can lead to very costly repairs. In addition, you may need to remove and relocate your Yucca plant in some cases.

How to remove and relocate yucca plant:

  • Dig around the plant, slowly going deeper under the crown.
  • Set a tarp aside and use the shovel to pull the plant onto it.
  • Dig a hole as deep as the root system and twice as wide in the transplant location.
  • Backfill the old location with loose soil, softly patting it down.

As they continue to grow, yucca’s roots will continue to expand and cause more damage to not only the pipes, but can also pull up sidewalks and destroy landscaping brickwork found in front yards. If you start to notice damage to your home’s foundation or other structures, it is essential to relocate your Yucca plant.


Yucca root systems can severely damage your property, so it is important to know how to deal with these problems. If you are considering planting a yucca plant in your yard or garden, you should evaluate the layout of your land and note any structures that could be damaged. Yucca roots also can damage pipes, home foundations and septic tanks.

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