About How I Started with Yuccas

I bought my first yucca around 2004 from K-Mart. I thought at the time if it could survive K-Mart, it could survive me. It was a Spineless yucca, Elephantipes, and barely a foot tall. Now that same yucca is six feet tall and over the years has had several pups.

Yuccas are great plants. They’re beautiful and hardy. And although they are a desert plant, some of them have a tropical look.

But yuccas also have their downside. They can scratch and bite. Their roots are also quite invasive.

I’m by no means an authority on yuccas, but I’m very knowledgeable and have read many books and talked to experts. The reason I started researching and learning about yuccas was because I couldn’t find the correct information online. There was some misinformation I wanted to dispel.

I have several types of yucca; both rare and familiar. I’m here to share my knowledge and love for yuccas.