Can a Yucca Plant Live in a Bathroom

A fresh yucca plant can be a beautiful addition to your home decor. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to maintain if it’s kept in the right environment. However, finding the right place for your yucca plant can be challenging.

A yucca plant can live in a bathroom if kept away from the shower and bathtub. Yucca plants don’t do well in environments with high humidity, but a little can help encourage growth.

The following article is a more in-depth guide into the best growing conditions for a yucca. There is also a brief guide on how to properly water a yucca plant, and what happens when you overwater it.

Is Humidity Bad for a Yucca?

A little bit of humidity can help a yucca to grow. However, too much humidity can cause the leaves to droop and the plant to rot. They are native to the desert, so they have learned to thrive in mostly dry conditions. Too much humidity can do them more harm than good.

A small amount of humidity won’t harm a yucca plant, but too much will prevent it from thriving. Yucca plants have adapted to growing in a dry heat out in the desert, so they aren’t used to handling a lot of moisture.

Too much humidity can cause a yucca plant’s leaves to start drooping and rot. This is because the plant stores water in the leaves, and too much of it can be too heavy for the plant to hold its leaves up. To prevent this, keep your yucca plant in a mostly dry area and away from anything that can produce extra moisture, such as a bathtub or shower.

What Are the Best Growing Conditions for Yucca Plants?

The best growing conditions for yucca plants are dry places with bright, indirect light. However, they can also do well in direct sunlight. If the environment is dry the majority of the time, the yucca will grow beautifully.

A yucca plant should be placed somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight, whether it’s direct or indirect. The best places for it are near south or west-facing windows. These windows provide bright, indirect light that will help the yucca grow. But yucca plants can also do well in direct sunlight, so you can place them outside if you want. If the leaves start turning brown, however, it’s recommended to place the plant under some shade.

If you don’t have any windows that give indirect light, you can filter it by using sheer curtains or mesh coverings. This will help filter the light through and make it less harsh while still giving the yucca plant what it needs. You should also turn your plant around each week to make sure the sun hits all the leaves equally. This will prevent your leaves from burning and ensure an even green color.

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Can You Overwater a Yucca?

Yuccas are very susceptible to overwatering. As desert dwelling plants, they store water in their lives in case it’s suddenly scarce. Too much water will cause the leaves to start going limp, and the plant might start turning brown with rot.

You should water your yucca plant about once every ten days, and it should also have good drainage. Good drainage will allow excess water to seep through the soil and not get sucked up into the roots. Any excess water you see should then be soaked up with a paper towel so the yucca plant isn’t sitting in a puddle.

A few common signs of an overwatered yucca plant are:

  • Yellow leaves
  • Drooping leaves
  • A brown color appearing over the plant, known as rot

If you start noticing these signs, then let the soil dry out for a few days and soak up any extra water you see.

What Happens When You Underwater a Yucca?

Even though yucca plants can survive with less water than the typical house plant, you can still underwater them. Underwatering can make the plant dehydrated, causing it to dry out.

A few common signs of underwatering a yucca plant include:

  • Dry, brittle leaves and trunk
  • Yellow or brown color
  • Root rot

If you start noticing these signs in your yucca plant, then start watering it more often. Every other day should be enough to get it back into good condition. Once it starts looking green and healthy again, go back to watering every ten days or so.

Final Thoughts

Yucca plants are easy houseplants to care for and can add vibrance to any space. As long as it’s well taken care of and has the proper conditions, it can thrive anywhere you want in your house, even the bathroom.

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